It’s easy for Marlins fans to be frustrated right now. I get it. The volume of your comments on my Facebook and Twitter is through the roof in the last 9 days, as it was during the team’s struggles in April. 

(Oddly, many of you were strangely silent during that 23-9 run in May and the first weekend of June.)

The thing I hear the most is, to paraphrase, “They need to fix this team. Make some moves. Strengthen our weaknesses. Let’s go. Do something. What are they waiting for?”

While I assure you Jeffrey Loria, David Samson, Larry Beinfest, Mike Hill and the entire Baseball Operations Department spend every waking moment searching for ways to improve the club—and not just when things are going poorly, but also when they’re going well—I’m here to tell you it’s one thing to want to do something and a whole nother thing to actually get something done.

Wanting to do something doesn’t mean anything gets done. You’ve got to find a trade partner who matches up and the right package to satisfy both teams (while other clubs, remember, are also wooing that same trade partner).

Anyone can identify a team’s holes. Providing rational and realistic ways to fill them is a completely different story.

What I want you to do in the comment section here is offer thoughtful and reasoned suggestions. What holes does this team have, in your opinion, and tell me SPECIFICALLY how you would REALISTICALLY suggest filling them if you were the GM. I want names. Who do you suggest the Marlins pursue? With whom do you suggest the Marlins part to make that deal.  You need to consider financial ramifications, contract status and health concerns. You must also consider both the short-term AND the long-term ramifications of the move you propose.

Don’t waste my time by proposing to send 3 back-ups and a Double-A infielder to the Padres for Carlos Quentin. I’m sure there are a dozen or more teams that would like to add a corner outfield bat like that. Players you have no use for aren’t going to get it done in a seller’s market.

You’ve got to give something up to get something.  So what are you willing to give up?

Remember, the Marlins aren’t the only team with holes to fill. Other clubs are competing for the same pieces at the same positions. Someone’s going to overpay. So don’t make unrealistic low-ball suggestions.

Do you trade valuable and desirable pieces off of your current major league roster, filling one hole but potentially creating another?

Do you part with top prospects for a player who you only control contractually for the remainder of this season? (Are you old enough to remember the Red Sox sending a kid named Jeff Bagwell to the Astros because they had to have Larry Andersen? Do you remember the Tigers dealing a kid named John Smoltz to the Braves because they really needed Doyle Alexander?) If you’re going to part with top young talent, you’d better be pretty sure this player puts you over the top.

I’m not sure how many of you will take my challenge here, but I’d love to hear some thoughtful and reasoned suggestions.

I’ll do the best I can to offer my 10-cent critique of as many of the serious ones as I can.

Instead of complaining in generalities, get specific. Make concrete proposals.

You need to fix this team. Make some moves. Strengthen our weaknesses. Let’s go. Do something. What are you waiting for?

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Well we can start by addressing a new bat, someone to back up Stanton, I would go with going after Kevin Youkilis, think about it, we can use him for this year and see where he brings us. Would I give up Gaby Sanchez for him? Yes, and next year if we do not sign him Lomo moves to 1st Base Full time, and we go after a free agent out fielder.

Youkilis is owed $8 million for the rest of this season. He has had health issues and has been unproductive this year. And why would the Red Sox want Gaby? They already have Adrian Gonzalez at first base.

Scout on Kevin Youkilis, “For what he costs, he can’t do anything,”

I’ll b the 1st one to comment and get blasted by you Glenn… Stanton for josh redick and Brandon McCarthy… Trade while got value? Ok blast me hehe

I’m not going to blast you for making a nice attempt. The A’s would make that deal in a heartbeat. It would take a lot more than that for me to EVER think about trading Stanton. Forget even about the long-term and what Stanton could do that might put him in Cooperstown. Just looking at the short term, you’re proposing to give up offense on a team that needs MORE offense. And starting pitching isn’t an area of weakness right now.

At his current age, Stanton is putting up better numbers than Ken Griffey Jr. was. I want to win but I’m sure Marlins fans would never forgive management if they traded away, as Glenn puts it, a worthy young, potential Cooperstown-type player.

No way! Stanton is a once every 30 years type player. He has yet to reach his prime people! He needs to be signed long-term when the day eventually comes.

I do not see a need for any type of offensive upgrade. This lineup is just under performing, plain and simple. I wonder if Eduardo Perez is on the hot seat. Our bullpen is covered by the cloud known as Heath Bell so again, I don’t see this as a personnel issue. Players just need to step it up! LoMo batting .233? Hanley hitting at a .259 clip?

Players need to play ball and get out of this hole before it gets deeper. The schedule isn’t getting any easier.

Standing pat is a GM’s perogative as well!

And it should be Glenn. You know this team has the talent to deliver not only a winning season but also a playoff berth and a World Series title. Our lineup (speed/contact/power) is not something you see around the league and it’s a shame they have yet to click as a group on a consistent basis.

Dear Uncle Glenn;
Our biggest need is an outfielder. After going through the rosters of all the MLB teams, it is evident that hitting and talent is way down. There is only one player i would trade for and that is Torii Hunter and giving up Anibel Sanchez is a possibility because he is on his way out the free agent door. I think Hunter is in his last year, but getting him is a long shot.

I know that Larry B. gave Coghlan his last real opportunity since Boni went down. Ruggiano, Solano and Cousins have to do better. Add .100 points to any batting average that was in Coghlans spot in the order, big plus.

I felt that Boni was the team MVP last year. Getting him back in 3 weeks will really help. How much time will Larry B. give Gaby to wake up? He hasn’t hit in a year, I feel he has lost his job. LoMo needs to stay at 1st and his average while playing 1st will improve as he reaclimates himself to his life long position.( Granted, it won’t be as easy to tweet from 1st than in left, but you can’t have everything.)

Buck and Hayes need to platoon, but this is an unusual platoon, it’s a home and road platoon. Buck’s offensive game has always been weak except for 2010, His lifetime avg is .237. He is a big fly guy whose power is to right center. Marlins Park has a 392 foot right center gap. Buck will never hit well in this park. He has 1 1/2 seasons left on his contract and he is hitting .169, I repeat, .169. He will have to hit like .340 from now on to get to his lifetime avg. of a whopping .237 by the end of this season. There are few other catching alternatives in the organization or by trade. Hayes is a much better natural hitter and should play the home games and Buck should not get too psyched out by playing in “normal” parks on the road. Addition by subtraction.


miamiandy24, GM wannabe

I feel we would be giving up so much for little here. Tori is aging and going to be playing the field less and less. Just my two cents.

Agree. This team just needs to step it up. I know it sounds cliche but I am sorry….having a 3-4 of Hanley and Stanton should be putting fear into the opposing pitcher’s eye

I appreciate the thought you put into this. My big question is: Is the biggest need an OF when Boni comes back in a few weeks? We need an OF today because Boni is on the DL. Once he comes back, you have 3 OF who play every day. Also, not sure that Hunter is still a CF at this stage in his career. He’s been relegated to a corner spot the last couple of seasons. Hard to platoon the 2 catchers when both are RH hitters. And while the home-road thing is clever, we just played 9 home games in 9 days. Hayes isn’t catching all 9. And beyond that, while admittedly not good, Buck’s AVG and OBP have been better at Marlins Park than on the road this season. His SLG is higher on the road. That’s not very realistic. I do think catching is an area where you could upgrade. Buck is still owed about $3 million-plus this year and $6 million next year. Do you eat that? Before you say yes, you have to know who the catcher is you are bringing in to replace him. Then you have to add his salary (and any cost in players you’re trading away) on top of the $9 million to $10 million you owe Buck. What catchers are available, how much do they cost in terms of dollars and trade chips, and how much of an upgrade are they? NOW we’re having a discussion Andy! I’m proud of you.

There are no quality catchers available either. The catchers all throughout our farm system are weak, you can skip Skipworth (couldn’t resist) for the next 3 seasons. Then Hayes should catch 3 of 4 home games and 1 of 4 road games. You can see that Buck is a beaten man at the plate at home. Those 2 big flys that were caught the past 3 games and the look on his face says it all. I would put Hunter in left, Boni stays in center. Solano is a great talent but remember we are only a Reyes hamstring away from Solano playing short every game. Ruggiano’s numbers can’t stay this high the more he plays and as the book gets out on him. OK, Aniblel Sanchez and either Cousins or Peteypipes for Torii who is having a good season, and is a LEADER. My least favorite “leader”, Hanley grades out as one of the top 3rd basemen in the league power wise and his average is right in the middle of the pack, shows you that there are not a lot of Ryan Zimmermans out there. Of course, Hanleys numbers are being pulled down by the force of gravity and a long swing. Will he hit .300 this season?, I give it a 40% chance. If you want to talk trades, I harped on trading Hanley last winter while his value was still realitvely high for a player coming off one down year. But, that dog has left the pound and we will be watching Hanley for another 3 seasons of decline.
With Juan Carlos coming back, a package of Anibel, a middle reliever like Gauden, Peterson or Cousins might get a Brett Gardner ( I know he is injured) and young talent from the Yanks. You need a fast outfielder to play in the Marlins Park cow pasture.


I think the biggest thing people have to realize is that the team we are currently in a losing rut with right now is also the same team that set the franchise record for wins in May and led the MLB. If I was the GM, I wouldn’t touch the team right now. I think it’s evident that the team is simply underperforming. Gaby was an All-Star last year and Buck was as well in 2010. With the deserving Marlins getting snubbed right now, it’s clear one must truly be talented to be chosen as on. It’s scary to think of the potential once were clicking on all cylinders. With that said, if I had to find a hole, I would probably go with OF depth. With Boni on the DL and LoMo’s knee continually having concerns, I feel adding some depth at OF would help solidify the team, which is exactly what I believe the Ruggiano move was trying to do. Besides that, I’d ask the fans to show up and cheer louder.


Like Tommy Hutton said, pitchers look forward to getting to the 6,7 & 8 hitters as their batting average was so far south of the Mendoza line, that you needed binoculars to see it. Add in the pitcher spot at #9 and it wouldn’t take too long for the team to start losing. LoMo was at .223 a few games ago, so make it 5-9 that really should I say stunk and as Uncle Glenn said, add in the “RISPY” business of his last blog and there you have it, a sub .500 team.
So, changes are being made and once again I ask Larry B. to answer my E mails or else I’m hiring a sky writing plane from North Perry.

Who are we going to get though? Were not going to get players for nothing. If you want an impact bat, you’re going to have to give up actual players. I’m not willing to sell the team for 1 or 2 players, which would then only create more holes. Obviously were struggling in the bottom of the lineup but there is no easy solution. I believe the only logical one is to work with what we have, we’ve seen these players put up numbers before, no reason they still can’t.

Buster Olney tweets that Quentin might become available, Tarantino, geez wrong Quentin. And to think this blog started with a pizza making machine.

So who would you like to give up for Quentin that the Padres will actually accept?

Depends what the Friars ask for. They want young talent as they are in a rebuilding stage. Give them back LeBlanc, Koehler and Peterson or Cousins and another farmhand. Maybin is having one of his Marlins years but he was just signed to a nice extension, the Marlins aren’t the only one’s who invest in questionable talent, so 2 outfielders in the trade may not work so maybe include Gaby.

You guys need to get beyond the “these are 3 or 4 guys we don’t need, but they’ll take them” mentality. It’s unrealistic. Beyond that, why would the Padres want Gaby? They made a huge trade this winter to acquire Yonder Alonso to play first base. When you come up with these ideas, you have to consider what the other team actually needs.

I wasn’t suggesting the Marlins pursue Quentin. I threw his name out there as a generic player who reportedly is available and who would command interest from many clubs.

I thought about that after I put Gaby’s name in the trade. Aubrey Huff just did a Coghlan and hurt his knee celebrating Cains perfect game, so the Padres can flip Gaby to the Giants. I mean you don’t want to trade Infante and put Solano at 2nd.
All in all, with a couple of changes to the bottom of the lineup, we can start to win a few again. A possible trade to get Willingham wouldn’t work because the Hammer is too slow for the big outfield we have. Just sit Gaby and limit Buck to away games.

Again, you’ve got to know your potential trade partners. It goes back to what I said about finding teams with whom you match up. Huff rarely plays first base for the Giants. They have Brandon Belt and Brett Pill. Huff has started 10 of 63 games at first base. They’d have no need for Gaby either. Willingham will be in high demand if the Twins choose to shop him. They’d get a nice package in return. And, again, Buck is hitting .138 on the road so, for the 18th time and 32nd reason, your home-road platoon idea isn’t going to work.

Glenn did you read mine? I never even mentioned the Marlins trading away anyone, I actually said the opposite…

I acknowledged somewhere along the line that standing pat is definitely one option. Wait for Boni to come back and hope some others pick it up. There’s something to be said for that.

Hey Glenn; next time can we play, “I’m the owner”?

1B and C are the teams worst flaws right now. Gaby and Buck have not been producing at the level the team needs them to produce. Like you’ve mentioned, its unrealistic to trade/release Buck, and the market for C’s is minimal to none, but the Rockies, for example, are falling out of contention and a guy like Willin Rosario might be available. He can be an upgrade over Hayes as backup, and shouldnt cost too much as far return is concerned. As far as 1B options, there is Bryan LaHair in CHC and Edwin Encarnacion in TOR. Those guys might be available in the coming weeks (especially is the Jays fall back in the AL E). Encarnacion is a free agent at the end of the year and the Jays might want to get something for him now, so a good pair of prospects might do it…maybe something like the Beltran deal from NYM – SF last year. Encarnacion would be a massive upgrade over Gaby and if he plays well we can possibly extend him in the offseason and use Gaby as a trade chip, if he plays well in AAA. I’m no GM, but there has to be something done to avoid a June similar to our April – yes May and a few days this month everything was wonderful, and yes on-and-off is part of a long baseball year, but if this team wants to win they need to have more on time than off time and we are headed downhill now. 7 games out, batting horribly with men in scoring position…etc. Yes the year is young, but playing send down with players on the roster that are struggling (Petersen, Coghs, Gaby, Murphy) isnt going to solve the issue. Do they want to win or do they want to play and see if they win? If they want to win, they have to move pieces and make some changes to spark a struggling offense. Bringing the same guys and hoping they get better is close to the definition of insanity.

I agree with a lot of what you say. Changing back-up catchers doesn’t mean a whole lot to me though. Don’t think the Rockies would trade Wilin Rosario anyway. My understanding is they see him as their future behind the plate. He’s onlyThey’d be much more inclined to trade Ramon Hernandez, I would guess, but he’s hitting .215 at age 36. Sounds to me like the Cubs are inclined to put LeHair in the outfield when they call Rizzo up. What’s the benefit to them of trading a cheap, productive player when they don’t have many others right now who fall into either of those categories. The players they would look to trade are their veteran big contract guys…Dempster, Soriano, maybe Garza unless they prefer to try to extend him.

I agree with a lot of what you say, but I don’t think the specific names you mention make a lot of sense. Changing back-up catchers doesn’t do much to improve this club. I don’t think the Rockies would trade Wilin Rosario anyway. My understanding is they see him as their future behind the plate. He’s only 23 and has big-time power. Why would they trade that away? I’m sure teams would be interested if they considered it though. They’d be much more inclined to trade Ramon Hernandez, I would guess, but he’s hitting .215 at age 36. I was told the Cubs are planning to put LeHair in the outfield when they call Rizzo up. What’s the benefit to them of trading a cheap, productive player when they don’t have many others right now who fall into either of those categories? The players they would look to trade are their veteran big contract guys…Dempster, Soriano, maybe Garza unless they prefer to try to extend him. I think Encarnacion would be an interesting name, but with 2 Wild Cards, I don’t think the Jays are looking to sell unless someone wants to grossly overpay.

This team on paper should be in first place. Before the season all the experts said that the fish will go as far as their injuries go (mainly rotation wise) and so far they have steered clear of that. However, the games aren’t played on paper and overall the obvious struggles of the fish have come from the 1st base and catcher. Gaby and Buck are both lovable guys, but if this team is serius about contending, something needs to happen. Buck strong point has been his OBP and Gaby his defense. For Buck, I think 240 avg would be fine but his power and avg are awful. Gaby I have high expectations because he was almost a rookie of the year. I can’t stand seeing fans jump so early as to trade him because I expect much better. If You follow JCRmarlinsbeat, almost half of the fans questions are to trade Gaby. Obviously as Rich and Thut pointed out, “what do you expect to get out of a guy hitting 200.”

With all that being said, I believe the only way to trade is through depth. The one thing I see is starting pitching. A lot of clubs could use this and the Marlins have young arms they have planned for the future. I’m talking about the guys in triple A (Hand, LeBlanc and Sanabs.) Two things to be cautious about is how much depth and how it will effect your future. With the Marlins new found payroll I expect them to sign big in free agents more as opposed to raising young arms. BUT, will the payroll last with these Miami type fans. So if you need to start and continue a fan base, there is a bit of desperation to win. So options: the outfield is great. I love Boni coming back, Lomo will produce in the future (I love Lomo and few fans must have been watching but last year Rich and Thut said a scout compared him to a left handed hitting Braun), and everyone knows GS. The rotation is great. The bullpen has been pretty good and there are some young arms down there in triple A. I like the bench (finally guys stepping up.) Although I wish Cougs Petty DMurph or Cousins can step up. All are fun and great guys (especially Cousins.) H2R Reyes and Infante are great. That leaves Gaby and Buck. 
I’m not an expert on the AL but I do notice that more teams need starting pitching and a greater depth for catching. If a drastic move be made, Id rather see it with Buck and keep Gaby back in the farm or MLB and get him back to old. The Marlins need to act on catching. 
First possible trade:  The Twins have struggled in starting pitching. I’m not asking for Maure, but Doumit the former Pirates starter. Of course the Twins will need a catcher in return so send Buck back to the AL ( not sure how he plays at Target could come into factor) or send one of the three Marlins triple A starters depending on what the Twins have at triple A catching. Like I said, I just want a 240 type catcher so the Fish shouldn’t have to deplete the farm. Without going into much detail, other guys to look at out Jason Castro (Astros are probably sellers and rebuilding), Ronny Paulino (not sure what if anything the O’s need but maybe he’s up), Bryana Pena my fav pic(Royals need starting pitching  and have Soria coming back), and 1 guy at first that might be up for sale in Brett Walace. Of course there are many other options a GM and his team of scouts know about but for me I know as much as the media tells me and I can remember and look up. There’s certainly info that will disprove these so Id love to hear it. I do actually want to be a GM one day so I love this thing your doing. Fans (including myself) don’t know much about opposing farms (understandingly), so we need experts to tell us what. Its easy for fans to make a H2R for JJ trade in fantasy, but in MLB with smaller trades you often see for cash considerations or P2BNL so this is a lot tougher than normal. Anyway, Thanks for doing this.

An interesting and in-depth analysis. I salute you for the time you put into it. Here’s where I’d challenge you though: The Marlins have been extremely lucky so far this season in using only 5 starting pitchers (one of only 3 teams in MLB to do so). At some point, you will need to dip down to Triple-A for additional starters, and if you don’t have anything there, just look back to what happened last year. Absolute disaster for the team and you risk screwing up the development of pitchers who are forced to the majors before they’re ready. Also, Sanchez and Zambrano are free agents after this year, and Ricky will be after next year. You’ve got to be protected with some options just in case there. The assumption that the Marlins are just going to go out and spent a ton of money to bring in some other free agent pitcher isn’t one I’d be too quick to make. They’ve boosted their payroll dramatically already, well beyond where anyone thought it would go. Beyond that, even if you were to trade the guys you’re talking about, I’m not sure the Triple-A pitchers you mention bring back much in the way of value. While they MAY turn out to be servicable ML pitchers down the road, they’re not the kind of prospects that other teams covet. And, finally, why would the Twins want to give up a back-up catcher who’s producing at an ML average level (with a little pop and defensive versatility) for Buck, who’s enduring the worst year of his career and still owed about $9 million for the next 2 years? You’ve put a lot of thought into this, but this is another example of how it’s a lot tougher to make something happen than most folks can imagine.

I don’t know what they could do in a trade BUT I do know that our old friend DLee is looking for a job right now. I think they could do worse than to kick the tires on him. I can live with Buck hitting under .200 but it’s a travesty that our 1st baseman is hovering in that area. I have a VERY strong belief that Gaby has peaked and now he’s pressing. He was a very old rookie when he got up here and right now should actually be in his prime. He was a great story while he lasted (local kid plays with the hometown team) but the reality is that he has faded in second halves the last two years. Fortunately, he could fade and still hit .260/.270 those years. This year, not so much.

He may not have a job, but I’m not sure how hard Derrek Lee is looking for one. Teams that talked to him in the winter said he was looking for too big a payday to come back. At this point, not having played all year, I don’t think he represents any kind of an upgrade. Buck’s low average would be more tolerable if he were hitting some double and home runs, driving in some runs. Kind of like last year. I still think you’ve got to give Gaby a little time now that he’s back.

The Marlins need another bat to accompany Hanley and Stanton. However, the question you’re asking here Glenn isn’t really fair. The pieces that Miami COULD move for a bat (Gaby Sanchez/Matt Dominguez) values are at an all time low. There is no way we can move any piece that isn’t Hanley or Stanton or a starting pitcher for a solid bat. So I’m not gonna sit here and say “Miami should give up players A and B to get player C.” instead, if the players within the organization within would just improve, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. If Gaby could go back to hitting .270+ w/18+ HRs and 70+ RBI and Logan Morrison would stop hitting .220 and develop into the high BA/high OBP guy we THINK he is, then our problem is solved. Another big issue with this club is the production from catcher. I know John Buck isn’t a .300 hitter, but the man has to hit at least .240-.250 and hit some homers from the 8th spot. He’s an automatic out now. If I WERE to make a deal right now, it would be for a piece we could use in the future. If the Reds were willing to make this deal, I would trade Matt Dominguez for Billy Hamilton. Hamilton currently has SEVENTY FIVE steals in just sixty five games. He could be our Center Fielder of the future, and provide an amazing dynamic with him and Reyes at the top of the order. It would remind me of the Pierre/Castillo days but more potent. Dominguez could be the eventual replacement for an aging Scott Rolen at third. However, if Todd Frazier continues to play the way he is, Reds would have no reason to make this trade. There are so many more ideas I could think of, but that’s what I got. Don’t think Dominguez has much pull in a trade, but he’s still young (22 yrs old). Anyways, still believe in this team. Go Marlins!

The only thing this team is really lacking right now is Emilio Bonifacio. With him hitting seventh, the team was fine. The starting pitchers and bullpen are doing their job, we just can’t seem to get that one big hit. I honestly would stay inside the organization. Bring up a Cousins or another lefty bad to stick in the middle of the lineup against a right handed pitcher. Giving Dobbs more playing time could be another possibility, but then you lose him as a pinch hitter later in games and you wouldn’t really have anywhere to play him. If things continue to not go well, parting with Gaby Sanchez, which is tough because of his All-Star status in 2011, might be the right move. Stick LoMo at first base (struggles at the plate probably not because of temporary position change) and shop for a left fielder. Giving up Dominguez to try and get an everyday left fielder might not be horrible, since Hanley is playing well at third base. Maybe a trade with the Cardinals for Schumaker or Thurston, or with the Phillies for Pierre.

Hello, Glenn, first off when determining the trade market, have to take into consideration who is in the sellers market and who is in the buyers market. With the addition of a second wild card, a few more teams who wouldn’t be buyers will now become sellers.

Let’s take a look at which teams are likely headed into sellers territory by league:
Astros, Cubs, Padres, Phillies, Rockies

Minnesota, Oakland, Seattle

That gives us 8 teams to work from who ideally might be active sellers on some fronts. Phillies have injuries and the NL East has been tougher this year than anyone imagined and could sell. Cubs, Padres, and Astros are rebuilding and have trade pieces to deal for the right price. Rockies are a team struggling in what appears to be a trip down memory lane, poor pitching but ideal offense. Minnesota, Oakland, and Seattle are all sellers at this point as well.

The Marlins need an outfielder or a First Baseman in a trade for a bat, they may also scour the market for a bullpen arm but this seems less likely considering the return of JC Oviedo in late July and the price for relievers on the market.

Their farm system is thin at high levels but talented in lower levels. I consider Marlins have made Yelich, Fernandez, Conley, and Realmuto as untouchables unless they landed a player who would be multi-year not rental.

PHILLIES: Shane Victorino for Marcell Ozuna, Matt Dominguez, and a PTBNL
>>Victorino is having a down year yes, but he could thrive in a new lineup. He could man LF while Morrison and Gaby split time at 1B between LHP and RHP or rest. Phillies may not make a move until they have to so this isn’t likely but still possible. Victorino would add more speed and pop into the lineup and be a sort of insurance policy if Reyes should get injured down the stretch.

ASTROS: Carlos Lee for Marcell Ozuna, Gaby Sanchez, and Kyle Jensen.
>> Lee has a limited no-trade clause but the teams on his list are said to be high market teams for leverage purposes. The Marlins or anything team taking him would have to pay his remaining $6 million if he is traded on July 31st. Lee is a patient, contact hitter who does not strikeout and is .296 with RISP. He would be teams 1B with LoMo in LF.

CUBS: Alfonso Soriano (Marlins pay $5 million of $6 million left in 2012, $3.5 million in 2013, and $2 million in 2014) for Marcell Ozuna and Chris Coghlan.
>>LaHair would be a nice addition but because Cubs could demand more with him, I decided to stick with Soriano who, if moved, would allow LaHair to stick in LF and perhaps be dealt in offseason in a deal similar to what the Reds pulled off for Latos only for prospects. Soriano would provide another bat to the lineup and all while being paid like a bench player.

OUTTANDING approach to assessing the landscape, who are the sellers, who will they make available, whht do they want in return. Here’s the thing: if you’re taking major money off a team’s hands, you do not part with the kind of prospects you’re suggesting. If they’re footing the bill, the expectation is they get better players back. Another thing I’d point out is that Victorino and Lee are both free agents at the end of this season. I would never consider offering a package like that for a few months of a rental player. You acknowledge Victorino is having a down year. Lee’s average has been fine but his power numbers are way down (in a good hitters park). How would he do at Marlins Park if he’s only hit 4 home runs in Houston? An aside, I’m hearing GREAT things about Ozuna.

My bad, I meant to put Chad James in the Victorino deal as well.

Well this team was built to go to the playoffs in 2012, the problem with that is that the organization was counting on 2012 Hanley being 2009 Hanley. It was said time after time in the offseason that this team goes as Hanley goes and you’re seeing the result of such a foolish philosophy. They signed a table setter but no one to clear the table. Above all else is the fact that there is no one in AA and above that has any significant trade value to go get that impact player.

So while it would be a fun excercise to say get this guy for that guy; reallistically they do not have the trade chips to do so. When that happens you end up trading for Nick Johnson, which turned out ok but not what you’d consider a blockbuster move.

This organization is at a crossroads. You don’t rebuild after you open a brand new stadium but they have way too many holes right now (catcher, LF, 1B) to go out and trade for three different impact player in three different position and there’s no one in the minors that can come up and help right away.

To answer the question, I stand still and hope against all hope that a couple of guys start hitting consistently and then prey that I can keep my job next year. They’ve had more than enough time to rebuild and have come up empty.

Hanley’s on pace to hit 28 homers and drive in 95 runs, and he’s only really had one hot streak to this point. 28 and 95 wouldn’t lead the league, but I disagree that Hanley’s production is at the heart of the team’s recent struggles.

Hamilton was projected to hit 70 homeruns and prior to the injury Boni was on pace to steal 98. C’mon!!!

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