With victories over the Mets the last 2 nights, the Marlins improved to 7-1 this season when playing with the roof open at Marlins Park. The Marlins are 9-4 at home with the roof closed in 2014.

As reflected by both the Marlins’ offensive and pitching numbers in the very early going this season, runs have been tougher to come by for both Miami and the opposition when the roof is open.

ROOF OPEN:        8 G (7-1), 42 R (5.3 RPG), .275 AVG, 3 HR, 1.75 ERA

ROOF CLOSED: 13 G (9-4), 82 R (6.3 RPG), .318 AVG, 18 HR, 3.32 ERA

Over 3 seasons in the new ballpark, Miami is now 12-18 (.400) with the roof open and 78-75 (.510) in home games with the roof closed.

The roof will be closed for today’s 12:40 game against the Mets.

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The Marlins look to sweep the Mets and close out an 8-1 homestand at 12:40 this afternoon. Our coverage on 940 WINZ and the Marlins Radio Network begins at 12:10 with Marlins On Deck. A full list of network affiliates—and information about how you can tune in online, on your mobile devices or via satellite radio–is located at

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But I feel like everything we say is depley rooted in Metsness even when it’s not directly about the Mets. Our pathetically Metsy lives mean it’s all steeped in Metsnessness. By we I mean me.

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