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Over the course of the current road trip, Marlins General Manager Dan Jennings has joined me on Marlins On Deck to discuss the ballclub’s season to date and assorted other topics. Last night, we discussed the Marlins’ approach to the upcoming non-waiver trading deadline. Will the Marlins be buyers, sellers or neither?

Here’s a complete transcript of his comments from last night’s Marlins Radio Network pre-game show:

“We’ve had on-going discussions pretty much since the start of the second half. We had a meeting with the team. We shared some things with them that are positives that need to transpire. At that point we had 21 games remaining against Washington and Atlanta, the two teams that are in the lead in our division. So, to a degree, we kind of hold our own destiny. So we somewhat issued a challenge. We talked about the positives that these guys have done and what they’ve been able to accomplish in this first half, and I think, now, it’s a case where we will weigh everything that comes our way.

“If something makes sense for us to do that helps our club now and also helps us going forward, then it’s something that we have to strongly consider doing. But to go out and just make a trade for trade’s sake because we have pieces that other people like…the one thing that (President of Baseball Operations) Mike (Hill) and I along with (Owner) Jeffrey (Loria) have talked about is we don’t want to do anything that will undo the positive foundation and the culture change that has been laid in place for this year.

“But we’ll have extensive meetings coming up once we get back home. We’re going to pull in a lot of our pro scouts and a lot of our VPs and take their temperature on things and get their opinions on what they see that we need to do or what we shouldn’t do, and we’ll make decisions that way, based upon what’s going to be in the best interest of the Miami Marlins.”

On balancing the short term gratification of attempting to win in 2014 with the organization’s hope to become a perennial post-season contender in the long-term:

“That’s the fun part about being in the positions that Mike and I are in. Everyone wants to win now. We want to win now. But we also have to look at the best interest of what we’re trying to do long term to sustain success in this organization. And we will definitely do that.

“But I will tell you, and the message that we relayed to our players: We like this team, and we believe in this team.

“You know, for me, certainly the outcome matters now, but it’s how you play. And how these guys are playing right now gives us all belief and the feeling that good can occur.”

I’ve got more with Dan Jennings on Marlins On Deck at 6:40 tonight on 940 WINZ and the Marlins Radio Network. Tonight, I’ll ask the Marlins GM specifically about the club’s long-term plans for Giancarlo Stanton.

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In its entirety, here’s the full 32-minute preview episode of Showtime’s “The Franchise: A Season with the Miami Marlins.” Enjoy it. Then let me know what you thought of it.

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